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If you have noticed an unexpected spike in the water bill even though there are no visible faucet or plumbing leaks, it could be because of slab leaks. Slab leaks are hidden. They are water leaks in the pipes located in the concrete foundation of your home. Hence the name slab leak. This plumbing issue is often considered the most dangerous one because detection is complex and can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your home. If left unaddressed, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

Therefore, if you suspect a slab leak, contact the experts for rescue. The plumbing team at Pipeco is experienced, equipped, and expert in slab leak detection and repair. We will visit your property ASAP. Our team will identify the underlying source of slab leaks and execute the solution right away to your complete satisfaction. We make sure that the leaks are fixed, and the problem is resolved.

Slab Leak Detection—What Causes a Slab Leak and Signs to Watch Out For?

As a slab leak is a hidden enemy of your property and wallet, hence it is crucial that you watch out for the signs that indicate that you have a problem. Give our expert plumbing team in LA County a call if you notice:

  • Soaring water bills without extra water usage
  • Mold and fungus growth
  • Variation in water pressure
  • Damp or buckling floor
  • Lingering musty odor
  • Warm or cold spots on the walls and floors
  • Cracks on the concrete slab
  • Pools of water around the home’s foundation
  • Sounds of water running but cannot find the source

 Slab leaks occur due to many reasons. Some common ones are earthquakes that cause foundational shifts putting pressure on the building pipes. Other reasons are improper installation, corrosion of pipes, and cracked waterlines. As slab leaks are hidden, proper and accurate detection is crucial, which comes with experience. This is why our team is your best choice.

Contact our experienced plumbing team to inspect thoroughly for accurate detection. At Pipeco, we have access to modern tools and technologies for locating and detecting leaks non-destructively. Plus, we leverage our wealth of experience and unmatched plumbing expertise to ensure accurate leak detection.

Our team respects and cares for your home just like you do. Hence, resorting to destructive methods for slab leak detection is never our first option or preferred choice. We try to avoid invasive procedures as much as we can.

Slab Leak Repair —Fast and Quality Fix To Your Complete Satisfaction

Once we identify the underlying problem, we’ll suggest the best and least intrusive ways to fix it. As soon as you give us a green signal, we will start slab leak repairs immediately.

Our experts will repair the slab while avoiding invasive plumbing work as much as possible and ensuring minimal disruption to your property. Don’t wait for the problem to aggravate. Act now!


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