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Relaxing baths are one of the luxuries we can enjoy after a long work day, and having a great bathtub to enjoy them in enhances the experience. However, like all objects, bathtubs age and deteriorate with time, and continuing to use them after extensive damage is risky.

You might be comfortable with the state of your current bathtub. However, if it has started showing signs of irreparable damage, you need to call Pipeco and book our bathtub replacement and installation services.

Signs of Bathtub Damage

Not sure about which signs to look for? Here are some of the prominent ones:

1.    Frequent Leakage

If you notice pools of water frequently under your bathtub, it means the tub has a leakage problem. Leakage can happen in all objects that contain water. However, if the problem continues to appear despite repairs shows that the bathtub has deteriorated and needs to be replaced.

Besides the water loss due to leakage, this problem can also cause water damage in your home, especially the floor or wall directly connected to the tub. Both problems can weaken your house’s structure and may require expensive repairs.

2.    Chipped Surface

Old bathtubs often have chips on the surfaces that attest to their old age. The look old chipped bathtubs give may look aesthetic or endearing. However, chips are a sign of permanent damage, and you must opt for bathtub replacement after noticing them.

Bacteria and other microorganisms can edge themselves inside the cracks the chips have made and put you at risk of getting skin infections.

3.    Rust

Aged bathtubs often have rust marks near the faucets and are challenging to clean. Remember that rust itself is a potent agent that makes the materials it appears on deteriorate slowly. The longer you keep a rusted bathtub, the weaker it will be.

4.    Mold Formation

Water leakage and moisture collection help mold formation that can be highly hazardous to your health. Consistent molding around your bathtub means you need to replace it with a new one.

5.    Permanent Stains

With time, the bathtub will become stained. These stains are caused by the combination of bacteria, moisture collection, and molding. When the stains become too obvious to ignore, it is best to find a new bathtub to install in your bathroom.

Pipeco’s Bathtub Replacement and Installation

Pipeco offers complete bathtub replacement and installation services in LA County, prioritizing efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

Our trained experts will evaluate the status of your bathtub and offer replacement and installation for:

  • Shower/tub combinations
  • Standard bathtubs
  • Hot tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Bathtub fixtures and faucets

Each team member is licensed and trained so that you can trust their expertise. We also prioritize customer safety and runs thorough background checks on all employees to ensure they are reliable. If you have a damaged bathtub, we recommend you book an appointment for inspection immediately.




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