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Kitchen sinks are the most used space in the kitchen, and many of us keep using the same one no matter how many times we have to call the plumber to fix it.

However, this is not ideal for you.  The per visit plumbing costs might not seem that huge until you start adding them up. You might be spending a lot more per year on plumbing fixes when you choose them over a kitchen sink replacement.

Why not save all that money and get a new sink instead?

Signs You Need Kitchen Sink Replacement.

Don’t worry. Your sink won’t start breaking down suddenly. It will likely deteriorate over time, giving you several warning signs and letting you know that a kitchen sink replacement has become necessary. Here are some of the most obvious signs that you need a new sink.

1.    You’re Not Getting Proper Water Flow.

Over time, the water flow in your sink will become obstructed. In the initial phases, plumbing or fixing the faucet will make the water flow go back to normal, but these methods will eventually become less effective

It is time for a sink replacement if your water flow keeps getting disrupted despite faucet fixing and other plumbing repairs.

2.    Visible Deterioration

You don’t have to only look at water flow to know the status of your sink. Years of usage will wear it down, and you will start seeing visible signs of age-related damage on it. The problem isn’t just the wear and tear either.

Tiny cracks can form in the sink, becoming hubs for moisture collection, and the associated damage will continue to become more extensive the more you delay the inevitable.

3.    Blockages are Becoming Frequent

Sinks can clog sometimes, and this is a normal occurrence. However, when clogging becomes a frequent issue, you need a replacement. Sinks are designed to drain water quickly to prevent water collection and related damage.

While our usage can sometimes cause blockages, frequent drainage problems are a clear indicator of extensive decline.

4.    Rusting

One of the most obvious signs that your sink is beyond repair is when you see rust appear around its edges and the faucet. Sinks reach this stage after several years and extensive usage; however, there is little you can do to turn things around when it does.

The best method is to accept the decline and get a sink replacement.

Benefits of Choosing Pipeco for Kitchen Sink Replacement

If you’re looking for kitchen sink replacement options in LA County, Pipeco is the best choice. There are several benefits of hiring us for the process.

  • Our team has 25+ years of working in the field and is well-acquainted with all the possible problems you can face.
  • We go beyond the technical service and ensure we provide maximum comfort to you.
  • All our plumbers are licensed, trained, and undergo multiple background checks to ensure trustworthiness and dependability.


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