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In all our years of providing services, gas line damage has always been one of the most critical ones we deal with. You need gas to run essential household aspects like cooking, heating, laundry, etc., and problems in supply can disrupt the routine.

This significance is one of the significant reasons why gas pipe damage requires immediate gas line repair and replacement to ensure the damage doesn’t worsen.

Inactivity of your appliances is not the only problem associated with gas line damage.

Risk of Gas Line Damage

If you ever suspect gas line damage, you should immediately contact Pipeco’s team because you will be under many risks.

Natural gas is highly flammable, and leaks will put your personal or commercial residence at extensive risk of fire damage due to the slightest errors.

Therefore, you should never take gas line damage lightly and get necessary gas line repairs without hesitation.

Signs of Gas Line Damage

Several signs will help you realize if the gas line in your home or office is damaged. Below are the most common ones you need to look out for:

Bad Odor

Leaked gas always carries the smell of a rotten egg. If you are catching that smell in your house, you likely have a gas leak.

Hissing Sound

Gas transfers happen at high pressure. Therefore, a leak in pipes will be noticeable. You will hear the hissing sound of the gas leakage, alerting you to call an expert to get the matter sorted.

Reduced Flame Intensity on Stoves

The usual flame color is blue, one of the hottest flames natural gas creates. However, in case of a gas leak, the pressure will drop, and you will likely see red or orange flames instead of the standard blue ones. Reduced flame intensity is another reason for delaying gas line repair and replacement.

Dying Houseplants

Houseplants are sensitive to air quality, and gas leaks in the house can often disrupt their cycle. Natural gas is also toxic to plants, which means they start dying if you have a gas leak.

Therefore, pay close attention to your houseplants and their health because they may just be trying to warn you.

Benefits of Selecting Pipeco’s Gas Line Repair and Replacement Service

Pipeco has been in the industry for over 25 years, and every team member is well aware of the dangers of gas pipe damage.

We can assess the situation and let you know if you need a simple gas-line repair or if you need to get the pipe wholly replaced.

Furthermore, our teams:

  • Go through rigorous backgrounds checks to ensure each member is reliable.
  • Have the necessary training and licenses to ensure they know regulatory requirements and technicalities.
  • Go beyond providing technical service and ensure you are comfortable.

Therefore, if you suspect gas line damage, do not hesitate to contact our teams for assistance.




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