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Garbage disposals have truly simplified the disposing of waste for homeowners. With this handy appliance, it is simple and convenient for homeowners to get rid of waste. It speeds up the process of cleaning while making life easy—until it stops functioning. A malfunctioning, broken, or a clogged garbage disposal unit is frustrating and can bring your daily routine to a grinding halt. This is when you know that it’s time to call the garbage disposal experts from Pipeco.

At Pipeco, we specialize in garbage disposal repair and installation services. Our licensed and bonded team of experienced and well-equipped plumbers in LA County are at your service when you need us most. We are available for same-day appointments.

Whether you need a quick garbage disposal repair service or replace your broken unit with a new one, we can assist you with them all. Our trained and knowledgeable plumbers get the job done fast and right the first time, at an affordable price. We are a garbage disposal expert team you can trust and rely on.

Garbage Disposal Repairs—Common Causes for Breakdowns and Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Schedule a Repair

Although you may think that the garbage disposal unit can eat away everything, it can experience indigestion time and again if you continue to dispose of:

  • Greasy and fibrous food
  • Bones and lard
  • Peach pits and apple seeds
  • Coconut shells
  • Pineapple shoots
  • Pulpy materials like pumpkin, wood, or paper

These things can go down the unit but hamper its performance and cause breakdowns when least expected. In such a situation, you can try a few things to make it work, such as turn off the switch and reset it to see if it works.

If it works, but you can spot signs like clogging, humming sounds, loud noises, no grinding, and leaks, don’t reach into the sink! Reach for your phone to call us. Our experts will inspect your unit to diagnose the underlying problem and fix it right away. We come well-equipped, and our truck is always stocked with parts to finish garbage disposal repairs in just one visit. We strive to get your garbage disposal back up and running fast.

Garbage Disposal Installation Services—Replace the Old Unit With a Highly Functional and New Garbage Disposal Unit

Do you know who to call if you want a garbage disposal unit installed in your kitchen for the first time or need to replace the old unit?

At Pipeco, we are experts in garbage disposal installation services. Our goal is to help homeowners deal with organic waste efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way.

While you may be tempted to save a few bucks by looking up internet tutorials on garbage disposal unit installation, poor and incorrect installation can wreak havoc and cause a great deal of convenience. Therefore, it’s best to allow our pros to handle the task. Our plumbers are licensed, trained, and experts in installing garbage disposal units. To ensure your unit runs efficiently, we take the following steps:

  • Our team first develops a good understanding of your plumbing system. This helps us with proper installation and to prevent future issues. If needed, we refigure existing plumbing to accommodate the new unit, thereby ensuring it works at the optimal level and correctly—exactly as it should.
  • We deliver outstanding service, ensuring it is connected to the right power source, is leak-free, and works efficiently. Hence, you don’t have to worry about water damage or leaky pipes.
  • Moreover, to ensure it runs smoothly for years, we also provide our customers with the best tips and maintenance advice like running hot water regularly to keep the system clean and using ice cubes or citrus peels to get rid of the odor.

Our attributes like professional services, work ethics, affordable pricing, and superior customer service have earned us the trust and respect of our customers in and around LA County. We have a growing customer base, including both satisfied clients and referrals. Give us a chance to serve you too. You’ll be happy with your decision.




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