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Faucets are one of the most frequently used fixtures around the house and least maintained. Most homeowners take them for granted and hardly pay attention to them until they malfunction. A broken or leaky faucet is not only a nuisance, but you’re also wasting water and hard-earned money on water bills. Put a stop to it by calling the experts in faucet repair and installation.

Allow Pipeco’s experienced plumbing team to fix the problem and ensure your faucets operate efficiently— the way they should. We will come to your service right away.

Our team is experienced in repairing and replacing the following faucets:

  • Bathroom and kitchen sinks
  • Shower
  • Laundry room
  • Bathtub 
  • Wet bar
  • Water shut off valves
  • Outdoor attachment hose

Faucet Repairs in LA County— From Drips to Leaks and Low Water Pressure, We Can Fix Them All!

Malfunctioning plumbing like dripping and leaky faucets anywhere around the house should be addressed immediately. It shouldn’t be ignored. Although not every faucet problem needs a replacement, they do require quick attention. If left unrepaired, it can expose your plumbing and house to severe water damages. Avoid this with us. 

At Pipeco, we will address the issue right away, helping you conserve water and save money while avoiding more extensive water damages. We are trained to handle all types of faucet repairs. 

Plus, we come well-equipped with the tools and parts required to repair faucet problems. Hence, when we repair your faucets, we make sure that the visible parts perfectly match the appearance of the faucets for the best results. At Pipeco, we have the experience, expertise, and knowledge of construction and building codes to get the job done right the first time and to your complete satisfaction.

Among the top causes for faucet leaks are:

  • Corroded valve seat
  • Worn-out washers and seals
  • O-ring problems
  • Loose parts
  • Broken plumbing
  • Improper washer installation

No matter what the cause may be, we can fix it. Our expert plumbing team will identify the underlying issue and provide you with quality faucet repairs in the fastest time preventing leaks and unnecessary future repairs. 

Faucet Installation—Add Beauty and Functionality To Your Space

Whether you need to install a new kitchen, bathroom, or utility room faucet, let us help. We specialize in faucet installation and replacement. As we are experienced working with a variety of sinks by different manufacturers, we can easily replace and install new faucets 

making sure your home’s plumbing system has the finishing touch it needs to work efficiently for years to come. 

At Pipeco, we strive to provide you with the best customer experience and service. Our team will assist you with the new faucet installation process from start to finish delivering you a stress-free experience. Moreover, we back our work so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If your new faucets go wrong (which rarely happens), we will fix them at no extra cost. Give us a chance to impress you. 



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