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Whether you have a residential or commercial property in LA County, California, you must get an earthquake gas valve installed to prevent the dangers of broken or leaky gas lines after an earthquake. Unfortunately, there is always a high possibility of experiencing a dangerous earthquake in California. This is because of the Ring of Fire which stretches 25,000 miles of the coast along the edges of the Pacific Ocean. Shaped like a horseshoe, the Ring of Fire is home to relentless seismic activities and active volcanoes. Moreover, California is along the string of 452 volcanoes. Hence, it is home to nearly 90 percent of earthquakes. Due to this, as of 2000, the local law enforcement agencies require newly constructed buildings to have earthquake valves installed before issuing building permits.

Regardless of when your home or office was constructed, earthquake gas valve installation can mean a difference between increased risk to the dangers of gas leaks and safety. For the latter, contact us. Our certified, licensed, and bonded plumbing team is expert and experienced in installing earthquake gas valves. We can install them in conformance with your local building codes.

We are ready to help regardless of the scope or size of the problem. Just call our team, and we’ll be at your service. That’s a promise we love to keep.

How Does the Earthquake Gas Valve Work?

The gas valve acts as a threshold between the supply of gas and your property. The gas passes through the threshold as it passes through other parts of the pipe. However, in the event of an earthquake, the threshold is closed by the valve, which restricts the flow of gas into your property. Inside the gas valve, there is a metal ball. During the earthquake, the ball suspended on a ring shakes and drops, thereby blocking the gas flow. The gas can’t enter the pipe until the valve is reset.  

Earthquake Gas Valve Installation Service—What to Expect?

At Pipeco, we are experts in installing both types of earthquake gas valves. These are:

  • Seismic Gas Shutoff-Valve—It detects seismic activity. The valve automatically turns off the natural gas supply when it detects an earthquake, thereby mitigating the risk of explosion and damages.
  • Excess Flow Valve—The valve activates when it detects any irregular gas pressure in the pipes.

Resident and commercial property owners must understand that the installation of these valves is critical for their safety. Powerful earthquakes can break gas pipelines instantly, resulting in dangerous gas leaks. Such leaks are particularly dangerous inside structures where the gas is trapped and build up.

With us, you can expect a best-in-class earthquake gas valve installation service. Once you schedule a service, our certified team will work out a convenient time for installation. We will install the valve correctly with care, and attention gas lines need to be useful and safe. We strive to get the job done right the first time and to your satisfaction.

Our experienced plumbing team will inspect your gas pipes to assess their condition and for proper valve installation. We will temporarily turn off the supply of gas inside your home. Next, we will disconnect the gas supply pipes from the gas meter. Depending on how your gas supply system works, we will rotate or remove segments of the pipes to make room for the shut-off valve device. This device will be placed between the gas meter and supply pipes. Once affixed, we will attach the valve and test it a few times to ensure it is operational. We will also teach you how to reset the valve. You will have to reset it after an earthquake to resume the gas supply in your home.



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