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Copper Re-Piping and pex re-piping

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Plumbing in every property is the core piece and essential for modern living. If the pipes in your home or commercial property leak frequently, and you experience low water pressure, discolored water followed by soaring water bills, then this is when you should call the Pipeco plumbing team immediately.

These signs indicate the need for re-piping. Our licensed and bonded team is experienced and highly equipped to handle all re-piping jobs. You can count on our team for all your re-piping needs.


Overview of PEX and Copper Re-Piping

Although both re-piping methods are equally popular, let’s take a look at each method separately to develop a good understanding: 

PEX is commonly known as cross-linked polyethylene tubing. It is durable and has flexible tubing. The plumbing tubes are safe for potable water. The reasons for the ongoing popularity of PEX piping are that: 

It offers easy to use and adaptable plumbing system. As it can be easily installed in long pipe runs, PEX needs few fittings and can be turned 90° corners, unlike other pipe materials that may require additional elbow fittings.

Moreover, PEX piping is flexible, allowing for slight expansion in freezing conditions, lowering the chances of a pipe burst. Apart from this, it provides greater resistance to chemicals found in municipal water systems. Therefore, it will not rust or develop holes over time. It is lead-free and certified for water purity by NSF International.

Likewise, copper re-piping is a proven method and has set the plumbing standards for decades. Though slightly higher in cost, copper is known for its durability, strength, and reliability. Additionally, copper pipes are:

  • Recyclable
  • Resist corrosion
  • Provide a strong bond between joints and fittings
  • Has a long lifespan 
  • Do not release toxic gas when involved in a fire
  • Bacteriostatic, which means it inhibits bacterial growth 

Specialist in COpper Re-Piping Services in LA County

At Pipeco, we specialize in both copper and PEX re-piping services in LA County. Our team can inspect your pipes and provide you with the best re-piping solution accordingly. 

Both re-piping options have their pros and cons. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the choices and assist you with deciding the right pipe material that will best suit your needs. 

We ensure proper plumbing installation and use only the highest quality of products. Rest assured, with Pipeco, you can expect higher reliability and piping services that stand the test of time. 

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