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Are you worried about the water quality you are getting because of the lingering smell? It is best to get it checked out because you may have a back-flow problem.



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What Is Back-Flow?

Back-flow occurs when polluted water starts flowing back into the water supply, causing the primary water sources to release contaminated water through taps or pipes.

Usually, water distribution systems maintain a standard pressure in the water flow to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the main supply and polluting it.

If you even remotely suspect that your water is polluted, contact the Pipeco teams immediately because the situation can become a significant health hazard.

Risks of Back-Flow

Back-flow is dangerous for several reasons.

  1. Back-flow can overburden water pipes efficiently and cause the water to overflow.
  2. It can corrode your water pipes, resulting in leaks and water damage.
  3. Back-flow can push contaminated water from the sewer system into your water sources, resulting in water diseases and other health concerns.

How Pipeco’s Back-Flow Testing and Installation Will Help

Back-flow testing is a process for checking if the back-flow prevention mechanism is working correctly. It helps detect any signs of contamination and enables the plumbers to know the following steps to fix the issue.

Pipeco has a specialist team dedicated to managing back-flow problems. They are trained for back-flow testing and installation and perform their work efficiently. To ensure testing and installation are accurate, our teams follow SOPs for back-flow cases.

Step 1: Testing

The first phase involves testing and inspection. Our teams will take samples from the water to test for contamination and inspect any areas where water may have been overflown. Once enough data has been collected, they will determine if there is a back-flow problem.

Step 2: Determining Depth of Damage

If they conclude that it is back-flow, they will examine the pipes to determine the depth of damage to know what courses of action they will need to take. This step requires a closer inspection of water quality and potential damage to the water supply system.

If there is evidence of contamination, make sure you get a checkup to rule out the possibility that your health was affected since water diseases are dangerous.

Step 3: Finalization and Installation

Once our team has the necessary information, they will draft a plan of action and move forward with either repair or installation, whichever they deem correct.

Pipeco ensures all its team members are licensed and trained; therefore, you will never have to worry about inconvenience or inefficiency. If you need our back-flow testing services, schedule your appointment immediately.




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